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Actual Facts From a Book

Costume Day


Brunch is the Most Important Meal

Time Travel Hero

Fun fact: Bird defeated Infinitron by introducing him to competitive Starcraft 2 and having him play in the ranked, Korean leagues. The resulting humiliation was so great that when the first hint of self-awareness appeared, Inifinitron uninstalled himself.

Communing with Nature

Reasonable Explanations

Project Management

Pangs of Nostalgia

Wrong is Always an Option

Guest Illustrator: My daughter! I drew four boxes, then had her draw each panel, one at a time. I added the text after she finished each panel, so neither of us knew exactly where this comic was going to go. She didn’t want to re-draw the elephant from panel two, and when she re-drew the…

Irritations Beyond Numbering

Extreme Measures

Of Frogs and Bears

Impossibly High Stakes


Guest Post: Compliments


Astounding Feats

Patience is Lame




Joke’s on You

Self Acceptance

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