Teachable Moments

Sleep Like A Champion

Limitless Potential

The Early Bird

Bedtime is No Joke

Your Best is Always Enough

Book Reports are the Mind-Killer

Bioengineer a Better Lock

I wrote this poem years ago, and submitted it to a science fiction magazine. The editor wrote me back — the first time I’d ever gotten actual feedback from a professional! He said “Cute, and I’m almost tempted to buy it.” That carried me for the next several years. Thanks, random editor from all those…

As Seen on TV

Hug and Slash Adventures

Do As I’m Doing

Saline Kryptonite

I’m not saying this is me, or even anybody I know. But carefully deployed tears can be a weapon that ought to be sanctioned under international law.

Sunday School: More or Less

NoobStomp: The Enstompening

Sure, it can be fun to play a well-balanced character and gradually develop your stats in a few key areas. But it’s hard to beat the satisfaction of optimizing and totally messing with a poorly balanced combat mechanic. Especially against jerks. Justice for Noobs! Guest illustrator: one of the very children I am making this…

So Many Blessings

It Helps Me Concentrate

Cleanliness is next to Progress

A Forger is Made in the Forging

The Good Old Days

The Best Intentions

The Princess Bedtime

The Law of the Land

Rise of the Shark Dragon


Every Day is Costume Day

Actual Facts From a Book

Costume Day


Brunch is the Most Important Meal

Time Travel Hero

Fun fact: Bird defeated Infinitron by introducing him to competitive Starcraft 2 and having him play in the ranked, Korean leagues. The resulting humiliation was so great that when the first hint of self-awareness appeared, Inifinitron uninstalled himself.

Communing with Nature

Reasonable Explanations

Project Management

Pangs of Nostalgia

Wrong is Always an Option

Guest Illustrator: My daughter! I drew four boxes, then had her draw each panel, one at a time. I added the text after she finished each panel, so neither of us knew exactly where this comic was going to go. She didn’t want to re-draw the elephant from panel two, and when she re-drew the…

Irritations Beyond Numbering

Extreme Measures

Of Frogs and Bears

Impossibly High Stakes


Guest Post: Compliments


Astounding Feats

Patience is Lame




Joke’s on You

Self Acceptance

Password Security